Did You Make the 2011 Best Companies to Work For List?

So I’m guessing that your answer to this headline is no? I’m sure you’d like to have your company on the list but it’s not. So what are we going to do about that?

Sometimes it’s just too much pressure to read about the perennial winners like Google, Zappos, Boston Consulting, SAS and Wegmans. Yes its wonderful that they offer 18 weeks of paid maternity leave at 100% of an employees salary, free food, make electric cars are available if someone needs to run an errand during the day, or supply on site daycare…..but how many of us can afford all these perks?

However, Google’s response to being rated #1 this year by Fortune is a lesson for all of us. “Google didn’t win the Best Place to Work title because it focuses on perks, but because it focuses on people”. Co-founders Page and Brin’s ambition is to build a company with an employee environment that is second to none so that they can attract the best talent.

Do we all need to operate at the same level of “perks” as Google and Zappos, no! Can we be dramatically and substantially better than we are today – absolutely! How does your culture stack up against your competitors? Are you losing out on the best talent as a result of your culture? How much are your limiting or negative corporate values reducing your bottom line profits? Shouldn’t you know?

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