Are You Ready to Join the Culture Celebration?

Worlds Value DayWho doesn’t love to get an invitation to a party? Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday or a holiday gala it’s all about good times. When was the last time you celebrated what’s right with your culture?

Oct 19, 2017 is World Values Day. It’s a day to stop and reflect on the values that are most important to us. It’s also a day to take stock on the values we share in the workplace. This year World Values Day is focusing not only on individuals but also on the values of groups and organizations. By paying special attention to our organizational core values, and by truly putting them into action we can help change the world. So let’s get the party started!

Here’s our top 4 activities that you can do to celebrate the very best of your workplace culture:

1. Head over to the World Values Day site and register for the Values Challenge for Organizations.  You’ll receive a facilitator’s guide and a slide deck to help you run a 1 hour session with your teams. This could be an excellent “lunch and learn” activity or perhaps over a social hour at the end of the day. This year’s theme is: One hour, One Value, One Change. The workshop has been designed to be easy to organize, highly motivating and effective. You’ll be challenged to ask:

  • To what extent are we really living the values of our organization every day?
  • What practical change – small or large – can we make that would help bring just one of those values to life in a more meaningful way?
  • How can employees commit to one action on a regular basis that will help to close the gap between the values we aspire to and how we actually behave?

2. Have employees share a value that is important to them personally. You can create a fun campaign for your internal social media platform. Or, set aside a location in your workplace where employees can display a personal value. For example, give everyone a sticky note and ask them to help build a physical word cloud. Or post a large sheet of paper with loads of colored pens and watch what your employees create. You can even capture the results, create an electronic version and turn it into some art work for your office. Your employees will find this much more meaningful than some teamwork poster.

3. A play on Exercise #2 is to change the question and ask your employees to name one thing they love about the organization. This is the opportunity to focus on your culture strengths, rather than the weaknesses.

4. Participate in the Individual Values Challenge. Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS? Luckily, this challenge isn’t nearly as wet or cold! Use the guide to remind yourself of the values that are most important to you. The guide then asks you to do something NOW that brings your #1 value powerfully to life. Something challenging, creative, and maybe even fun. Decide that from now on consciously acting on your values is part of your life. By bringing more of yourself to the workplace, everyone benefits. And, don’t forget to challenge a colleague, friend or relative to do the same. Do your bit to change the world!

Maybe it sounds cliché to say values make the world go round. However, I believe people fuel their potential when they are aligned to their personal values. You stop being a passive passenger on planet earth when you get to live and work in an environment that supports what you love. Imagine if everyone woke up every day passionate about what lay ahead. Pollyanna? Perhaps. But every effort that each of us makes to create a better workplace, helps create a better world.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” said Ghandi.  There’s no better time to start the change than on World Values Day.

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