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To Discover:

  • How culture influences all aspects of your business.
  • The cost and value of organizational culture to your bottom line-it's either your biggest asset or liability.
  • A proven and easy to follow framework to design and shift your culture.
  • How culture affects levels of performance.
  • Methods to more effectively implement the values and culture work you've already done.
  • Identify and strategically move from negative to positive values.

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Although I had the clearest vision possible for my organization, I was getting nowhere. The strategy presented in this book was key in helping our leadership team ignite our organization. It put us on the right track in a short time.

-- Stephen Covey, Chief of Police, CN

Carol is amazing. The stories she tells are truly inspiring. You just know that she's been there and she's done that. And, the passion she has for the work is so important.

-- Ann Graham, Syncworks

Instantly Demystify All Aspects of Culture From Definition to Design.

Ignite Your Culture is filled with insights, real-life stories and practical advice. Spend less than the cost of a business lunch to get this exciting book with thought-provoking questions that challenge leaders to raise their awareness about the true impact of organizational culture. Learn how to put the "happy" back into the workplace while saving significant dollars along the way.

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Finally, a guide to making insightful connections among values, culture, team performance, organizational resilience and the generations. Ignite Your Culture offers a how-to and is essential reading for leadiers, practitioners, consultants and coaches.

-- Lynn Bennett, President, Leadership Intelligence

A powerful book on the alignment of culture, strategy, and results! Ignite Your Culture articulates a process for improving performance through an organization's culture. It provides new insights and thoughts, and makes lessons easy to absorb.

-- Colleen Moorehead, Chief Client Officer, Osler, Hoskins & Harcout LLP

Your Culture Is Your Biggest Asset, Or Your Biggest Liability.

Vibrant and positive cultures improve performance as they attract and keep talented people and inspire them to go the extra mile. Negative culture is a liability when it creates entrophy: Limiting behaviours such as blame, bureaucracy, internal competition and manipulations can inhibit the smooth functioning of your organization and deplete employee energy and productivity.

Learn how a great corporate culture can light the fire of creativity, raise morale, and boost your company's bottom line!

Yes Carol, I want to Awaken My Workplace Now!

Regularly $24.95 
Special Price for a limited time only $9.99 + Shipping

Carol Ring, CEO and Founder of The Culture Connection

Through speaking engagements, workshops and her book, Ignite Your Culture, Carol teaches leaders how to develop a strong, vibrant company culture that is vision-guided and values-driven. She helps leaders energize their organization's values and fuel bottom-line results.

Throughout her career, Carol has been voted one of Canada's most powerful women and has filled pivotal roles in innovative products launches, acquisitions and corporate restructuring. She has seen first-hand how varied corporate cultures impact bottom line results. Today as a certified Cultural Transformation Tool consultant of the Barrett Values Centre she is passionately committed to encouraging positive cultural transformation in organizations around the globe.


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