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Insights, Perspectives, and Thought Leadership

Corporate Culture Specialist

Insights, Perspectives, and Thought Leadership

A study of police culture tells us about cultural change

What Police Culture Tells Us About Workplace Cultural Change

Bureaucracy can stifle meaningful cultural change. A close look at police culture in Canada points to a challenge that leaders face across the board. I got thinking about this when the RCMP began to dominate the headlines with stories of workplace harassment, and allegations of racist and sexist bias in the course of executing their…

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positive workplace culture has a simple anatomy

The Key Characteristics of an Incredible Workplace Culture

Good leaders advance a company’s financial goals consistently. Great leaders advance a company’s workplace culture consistently. Both contribute to the bottom line, but only one builds a workplace that is ignited from within by individuals who work seamlessly as a team…in good times and bad. Understanding the dynamics of a positive workplace culture – not…

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Don’t let workplace culture pain points get in the way

Are the Best Workplace Cultures Really Pain Free?

We’re all a little preoccupied with our health at the moment. That makes sense… But leaders mustn’t lose sight of their organizational health. Now, more than ever, it’s imperative that your company culture remains robust. Some of the bandaid solutions you’ve been employing in the past are probably tattered, exposing systemic wounds and weaknesses. With…

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Don’t let your company’s limiting values hold you back

How to Not Let Your Company’s Limiting Values Hold You Back

“There’s gold in them thar hills.” – Mark Twain Did you know there’s gold dust scattered all through your company? So many leaders miss it, though, because they’re too busy digging for the big vein that will guarantee a lifetime of harmony, wealth, and success for their business. Stop digging and start thinking. Start thinking…

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Corporate Culture with Carol Ring

How to Define Corporate Culture – Demystify the Way Work Gets Done in Your Organization

Here’s a challenge for you. Give me three words that describe how your company gets the job done. Can you? If you can, it means you’ve invested time learning how to define corporate culture. Because that’s how you keep an organization moving forward as a multi-talented, diverse – sometimes remote – team of professionals all…

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Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

The Impact of Culture on Mergers and Acquisitions

There is a measure of uncertainty around the status of mergers and acquisitions – like most daily affairs at the moment. It’s likely that the ‘pause’ button has been pressed on your M&A plans. It’s causing disruption on many levels, but there couldn’t be a better time to examine how corporate culture impacts the success…

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Do you know the difference between engagement and culture?

How to Effectively Measure Organizational Culture and Culture Change

Countless studies have shown that a healthy organizational culture gives companies a competitive advantage. And we know that over 86% of C-Suite executives agree it’s a priority. So why is it that less than half of those surveyed think their company culture is managed effectively? What is the gap between knowing it’s the right thing…

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Canadian culture flag

Could Canada’s Culture be in Crisis?

Another frenzied fall of election emphasis is upon us. Canada’s federal election looms on the near horizon. With this process, each one of us has a say in the future of our country. We have the opportunity to choose the kind of culture we want to have in our homeland. What type of culture do…

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Is Your Workplace Culture Cooling Off or Heating Up?

Winter is in full swing and the temperatures are downright frigid! We’ve got below average wind chills, record snowfalls, freezing rain, and black ice. While all of this cold is going on around us, what’s the temperature like in your workplace? Are your employees fired up and bouncing into work with enthusiastic anticipation of the…

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Superbowl Jumbotron

Would You Spend $10 million to Advertise Your Culture?

According to a study by Unilever, one in three consumers buy from brands that are doing social or environmental good. Gallup research shows that over 36% of job seekers say a company’s brand and reputation is very important to them. And, an aligned culture ensures brand integrity. Smart organizations have recognized this shift in consumer…

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