About Carol Ring

With a last name like Ring, we shouldn't be surprised that Carol spent over 2 decades in the telecommunications industry...

About Carol Ring

With a last name like Ring, we shouldn't be surprised that Carol spent over 2 decades in the telecommunications industry...

You may not know this about me, I’m an accountant by training. I’ve had the privilege of working with companies including Ultramar, Coca-Cola and Rogers Communications. During that time, I’ve been privileged to build high performance teams.  As a consultant, what I’m obsessed about is making sure those high-performance teams achieve their full potential within the organization. I want to move people from being passive passengers to really energized employees so they can impact the business, but also, just be happier when they show up to work every day.

One example that I’m proud of is, I had the opportunity to turn around Rogers Cable’s largest operational unit in Toronto. This was the largest division and unfortunately the worst performing division, but with a 3-year time frame I was able to turn them around to be the second best highest performing team.

I’m like a conductor for your organization. I’m going to bring together all the magnificence that is your people and help them to create their incredible music that is the culture of what you want to represent.

One thing that’s unique about me is that not only have I always been focused on high performance teams, but that work has been recognized by being named as one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada. I, like many people, have published books and many articles.  But I’m also someone who has a unique perspective because I’ve served on several boards and I believe that’s a real asset in the work I do with clients. I’ve often been one of the few women who sat at the executive or boardroom table with leaders.  So, I can give you a perspective that’s unique, from my operations background, but also from my human relationships background.

The problems that I hear people say is that some of their teams are struggling with managing their people and the processes in place for that, maybe attracting and retaining top talent. There’s increased pressure that we all must deliver on the bottom-line results and discover what’s next, what’s the silver bullet that your leadership team is looking for.  I fix that.

The reason I do what I do is that I love making people happy at work and I’m sure that’s what you want. You want your employees to be happy. You want to make sure you can reduce turnover, and have the financial metrics in place that are so important to you and your leadership team, so you can create amazing business outcomes

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could partner together and make a bigger impact on the business, and make a bigger impact on the communities that we serve and ultimately a bigger impact on the lives of the people who work for us? That’s why I believe I’d be the perfect partner for you and your organization so we can really drive culture together.


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