Ignite Your Leadership

Is your leadership style leaving you behind?

Ignite Your Leadership

Is your leadership style leaving you behind?


Sound familiar?

  • Are you overwhelmed from the weight of navigating your company through these disruptive times?
  • Do you feel like your leadership style is falling behind the competition? (or Has your leadership capacity hit a wall?
  • Are you tired of trying by yourself to figure out how to get better results?
  • Have you lost the passion for your work?`

It might be time to Ignite your Leadership

IGNITE Your Leadership™ is a 1-on-1 personal growth coaching program for corporate leaders who want to expand their business and improve their impact and influence. Organizations don’t transform unless the leaders transform first.

This program is an intensive 1-on-1 trusted advisor experience for high achieving business executives who feel their capacity to lead has hit a ceiling, and want to improve their leadership skills in order to improve employee engagement, increase productivity, and deliver better results. 

Everything (from big-picture strategy to day-to-day tactics and execution) is customized around your unique leadership state and the needs of your business. This is not a cookie-cutter coaching experience.

Results Clients Experience

  • You wake up every morning feeling connected to a higher purpose
  • Your team now sees you as the leader they want you to be
  • You have a stronger voice at the executive table
  • You know what’s triggering your stress and how to better manage it
  • You have a better understanding of how to inspire your people
  • You see a broader vision of the potential of your organization.
  • Your impact and influence make you the go-to person in your company
  • You feel energized and more productive.
  • You create conditions for your people to do their very best work.
  • You feel more confident about navigating change

If you are a good fit, and you are ready to IGNITE your Leadership – and your life – then

“Carol, do I fit the model of your best prospect?”

This insightful question was asked by a prospective client. He was striving to improve his leadership skills and wanted to make sure that he hired the right advisor.  He asked me if I was “his coach” by asking if HE was “my client.”


If you’re asking the same question, this is for you. The clients who gain the most from our IGNITE Your Leadership mentoring relationship exhibit the following traits and behaviors:


You don’t fit if…

You’re a great fit if…

  • You don’t know what you want long-term, but short-term it’s just “get me through this crisis”.
  • You understand the value and importance of being a confident, influential, and persuasive leader
  • From Day 1, you’re looking for reasons to quit and fall back into your comfort zone
  • From Day 1, you’re committed to the success of our relationship and always look for more ways to use me to grow your leadership skills and reach your goals
  • You want someone to do all of the work for you so you can just move forward.
  • You want someone to assist you and you’re willing to do the work to become a more influential and inspiring leader
  • You can’t imagine spending money on your own personal leadership development because “it’s so expensive”
  • You understand that the money you invest will come back to you, and your organization, several times over if we both do our jobs right (And I always do mine!)
  • You have all the answers
  • You have lots of questions
  • You are an extreme perfectionist when it comes to your own work
  • You believe that “done is better than perfect” and see value in consistently taking action
  • You’re overly analytical, super cautious, or rigid and inflexible
  • You are coachable, willing to step outside of your comfort zone invest your time, emotions, and money into personal growth
  • You want me to make you successful (I wish!) by doing “more of the same just better and faster
  • You want me to be part of a trusted team of advisors that consistently help you grow and achieve at a higher level

If you are a good fit, and you are ready to IGNITE your Leadership – and your life – then

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