Calling Out our Canadian Culture

There’s no better time than the summer of 2017 to be living in our nation’s capital. There is so much going on as we celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. Every week there are festivals, competitions, and exhibits highlighting this amazing country and the people who built it.

Our Canadian culture is envied by many. According to the Reputation Institute research, Canada has the second best reputation in the world. Canadians are seen as friendly, knowledgeable, down to earth, and polite. And the country is perceived as offering a great quality of life, accepting of diversity, safe, and a great nature reserve.

Designing Canadian Culture

Now I’m not suggesting that everything is perfect. There will always be opportunities for growth and improvement, just as there are for each and every one of our businesses. So, who is in charge of our Canadian culture? The government certainly has a role to play as they put in place policies that drive the operations of our country. However we, the voters, get to decide the direction of the government. So, in essence, we all have a role to play in preserving and changing elements of our culture.

Reflect, Speak Up and Celebrate

What are the values you’d like to see honored in Canada? What makes you most proud to be Canadian? We invite you to think about the things that are most important to you and join us in a social expression of our culture.

Carol Ring Corporate Culture Consultant My Canada is Caring

  • Print this template and use a dark marker to fill in your favorite value. Take a picture of yourself with your answer.
  • Share it on our Culture Connection Facebook page, on your own Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram. Be sure to use #Canada150 or #CanadianValues
  • Use the template to create an event at work where employees can express their thoughts and display the results as part of a team building exercise
  • Have a discussion at the dinner table with family and friends about what makes Canada special.

Canada Strong

How we behave as individuals, how we run our businesses, and how we elect our government officials all have an impact on the culture of our communities and country. Each one of us is that proverbial stone, tossed into the water, creating a ripple effect. I would argue that we all have a duty, an obligation, to keep Canada strong.

I’m proud to be Canadian. I can’t wait to celebrate with friends, family and colleagues during the greatest birthday party this country has ever seen. But even more importantly, I hope you’ll join me with a renewed energy towards igniting the culture in your Canadian workplace.

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