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Insights, Perspectives, and Thought Leadership

Corporate Culture Speaker

Insights, Perspectives, and Thought Leadership

High Impact Solution Corporate Culture Consulting with Carol Ring

Corporate Culture’s Crazy Impact on the World

Make no mistake: the Olympic Games are big business, occurring every two years and ranging in budget from $1 billion to $51 billion. But despite the reports of cost and budget overruns that lead up to each game, at the end of the day, the Olympics draw almost 4 billion viewers worldwide. That’s more than…

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Carol Ring Corporate Culture Consultant with Olympians

3 Steps to Creating a Gold Medal Culture

With the Olympics just around the corner, the talk is heating up about medals, and gold medals in particular. Will swimmer Michael Phelps add to his record stash? Will the fastest man alive, Usain Bolt come out on top again? I’m an Olympic enthusiast so I’ll be watching for sure. I’ve had the opportunity to…

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Business People Applauding Manager Doing Presentation In Meeting

Three Critical Steps to Successfully Shift your Culture

Culture is either your greatest asset or your greatest liability. Leaders today know that a strong positive culture aligned with their strategic plan delivers results. Research has shown over and over again that these companies are generating better than average financial results and higher employee engagement. However, shifting culture is a tough exercise. You can’t…

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Success Just Ahead with Carol Ring, Corporate Culture Consultant and Speaker

The 5 Key Culture Metrics Successful CEOs Use to Fuel Results

Every day we are bombarded with numbers: phone numbers, account numbers, credit card numbers, PINs, expiry dates, birthdates, loyalty membership numbers. The list seems endless. And, these are just the numbers that surround our personal lives. In the workplace, as a result of Big Data and the Internet of Everything, it seems that we have…

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Businessman select closed padlock between two open

Unlocking the Code to Millennials@Work

Is it possible that three magic numbers can unlock the secret of working with your Millennial employees? Consider these sequences: 77-61-92 or 10-7-10.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just turn the dial of a combination lock and all the tips, secrets and advice for managing Millennials would suddenly appear? But seriously, these numbers…

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Is Your Culture in Crisis by Corporate Culture Speaker Carol Ring. Firefighter putting out a fire

Culture in Crisis – Could Yours Survive the Fort McMurray Fire?

Canadians, and indeed people from all over the world, have been watching the devastating fires impacting the residents of Fort McMurray and the surrounding area. As the fires crept closer to the city, 80,000 people were evacuated, followed by the loss of homes, businesses and infrastructure.  A community devastated in so many ways. It is…

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Carol Ring Corporate Culture Speaker

Are your plans to beat the competition failing?

If you’re like me you’re sick to death from hearing about the great culture at Zappo’s and Google.  After all, if we had a gazillion dollars in cash flow we’d all build gyms and onsite daycares for our employees, wouldn’t we? So, when it comes to culture do we all need to be a Zappo’s or…

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Corporate Culture Game Changer

Today’s business model is changing. Is your culture keeping up?

In 1970 influential Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman declared that the main purpose of business is to increase profits for its shareholders. This has resulted in a sharp focus on short-term shareholder returns with stock-based remuneration for CEOs. In this type of an organization, customer service, employee engagement and corporate philanthropy are seen as a…

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business man challenge as big as an elephant

Psst…..Could this be the elephant in the room when it comes to your organization’s culture?

Employee recognition is so fundamental. It’s the second item on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs after food and safety. And yet over and over again it comes up on employee engagement and organizational culture surveys. Lack of appreciation from a manager is one of the top reasons why employees leave a company. How can such a…

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Businessman with thoughtful expression considering thoughts in his mind

The Key Every Great Leader Knows to Grow Yourself

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”         – Albert Einstein  As a leader in your organization you are responsible for the growth of the business and sometimes that can be a heavy burden to bear. However, as Einstein observed, growing your business depends…

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