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Insights, Perspectives, and Thought Leadership

organizational culture

Insights, Perspectives, and Thought Leadership

How Your leadership style can ignite your team from within.

The Next Evolution in Leadership – Will You Fit In?

Your leadership style is important during ordinary times. These days, though, your leadership strengths and weakness are being put to the test, aren’t they? You don’t have the benefit of bringing your team together in an office…workshops and training sessions are more challenging to conduct. With so many teams working remotely, leaders are grappling with…

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Business success is achievable, even in these uncertain times.

How to Reveal the Barriers to Business Success Concealed Within Your Culture

Are you seeing the anatomy of your corporate culture from all angles? You’re seeking business success…but are you really examining all the influences that don’t elevate, but rather drop weight on, your company? What’s keeping your business on a flat – or worse yet downward spiraling – performance trajectory? Why did you lose momentum? And…

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Corporate Culture with Carol Ring

How to Define Corporate Culture – Demystify the Way Work Gets Done in Your Organization

Here’s a challenge for you. Give me three words that describe how your company gets the job done. Can you? If you can, it means you’ve invested time learning how to define corporate culture. Because that’s how you keep an organization moving forward as a multi-talented, diverse – sometimes remote – team of professionals all…

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Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

The Impact of Culture on Mergers and Acquisitions

There is a measure of uncertainty around the status of mergers and acquisitions – like most daily affairs at the moment. It’s likely that the ‘pause’ button has been pressed on your M&A plans. It’s causing disruption on many levels, but there couldn’t be a better time to examine how corporate culture impacts the success…

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Baby boomers aren’t retiring...and that’s good news for your company.

How Unretired Baby Boomers are Causing a Shift in Workplace Culture

As a coach and mentor, I’m constantly watching workplace trends. They fall into three general categories: impacts from technology, generational shifts, and disruption. In previous articles, I have talked about the impacts of technology. Let’s take a closer look at generational shifts and how they influence the workforce. We can’t deny that the labour market…

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Do you know the difference between engagement and culture?

How to Effectively Measure Organizational Culture and Culture Change

Countless studies have shown that a healthy organizational culture gives companies a competitive advantage. And we know that over 86% of C-Suite executives agree it’s a priority. So why is it that less than half of those surveyed think their company culture is managed effectively? What is the gap between knowing it’s the right thing…

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Canadian culture flag

Could Canada’s Culture be in Crisis?

Another frenzied fall of election emphasis is upon us. Canada’s federal election looms on the near horizon. With this process, each one of us has a say in the future of our country. We have the opportunity to choose the kind of culture we want to have in our homeland. What type of culture do…

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Heineken workplace culture

Could a Brewery Culture be the Recipe for Success in Your Organization?

Recently I had the privilege to go on a trip of a lifetime. I cruised ports along the Baltic Sea, visited WWI sites and memorials where my grandfather fought in France and Belgium, and saw the sites in Paris and London. On day one, while touring the Heineken brewery and museum in Amsterdam I unexpectedly…

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Cost of Culture

How to Use Workplace Culture to Deliver Better Bottom Line Results

Every day we are faced with decisions at work about making investments or limiting expenses. Should I invest in this marketing campaign in the hopes that it will drive increased revenues? Should I downsize my workforce to reduce my payroll costs? Should I invest in training or should I cut the training budget? When you…

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hard decisions workplace culture

Transforming Workplace Culture: Three Difficult Decisions Successful Leaders Make

You’ve decided it’s time to focus on your organization’s culture. You bring in your HR leader and give them the green light to start up a culture transformation program. The journey begins with energy and optimism. A few months in, things start to go off the rails.  Other priorities force their way in, demanding attention….

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